Star Wars Week

I’m a Star Wars nerd.

giphy (17)

I know, shocker. What are the odds a kid who writes a satirical blog mostly about blockbuster movies likes one of the most popular series of all time…

giphy (6)
Spoiler: they are fairly high…

But it has recently come to my attention that there are people out there that haven’t seen any of these films.

giphy (8)
Blows my mind too, Han.

Come on guys; there are now eight feature films, an animated series accompanied by an animated film, and some holiday specials we won’t speak of…how have people avoided seeing any of them?

giphy (25)
You’re worse than this kid…and that’s because he was just a kid when this movie came out so he’s not to blame…

And since I am going to be busy here for the next few weeks…

giphy (14)
Let’s just say I’m about to get a strong dose of reality…

I decided to do some of these weekly posts, starting with my favorite film series of all time.

giphy (15)

I hope you enjoy this weeks posts, because the next couple weeks are going to look a lot like them…

giphy (33)
So get excited.




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