Flashback Friday: Hook (1994)

Man, I really know how to pick a great movie with a solemn topic I have to address…

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giphy (10)

Robin Williams was one of my favorite comedians of all time. His performances in Mrs. Doubtfire, Birdcage, Jumanji (Yes…even Jumanji), and of course Aladdin have influenced who I am as a write today and I hope that even a small fraction of my writing is a tribute to his comedic legend.


giphy (6)


And of course, I can’t leave out his more serious performances…

giphy (5)
I know…it’s John’s…
giphy (4)
I said more serious…
giphy (2)
Gotta get those carps or whatever…

So now that awkwardness is out of the way, on to the movie.

giphy (15)

Hook is a continuation of the story of Peter Pan.

giphy (18)
If you don’t know who Peter Pan is than you can fuck right off…

William’s character, Peter Banning, is a work obsessed lawyer who has grown out of touch with his wife, his kids, and oh…the fact that he was Peter Pan…

giphy (17)
I used an image of him with a phone to show that he’s busy!!

But when his children are kidnapped by Peter Pan’s nemesis Captain James Hook, played by an almost unrecognizable Dustin Hoffman,

giphy (11)
Man, kids movies were better back in the day…

Banning must face his past and return to Neverland.

giphy (19)
Which apparently involves losing your mind…

In order to save his kids, Banning has to prove to the Lost Boys that he is the Pan they remember.
giphy (14)

The film is directed by Steven Speilberg and scored by John Williams…

This guy….

And while critics may not be the biggest fans of this film

giphy (13)
That’s definitely one possibility…

I think they all are stuck up, pretentious assholes and this film is great.

giphy (16)
I will never turn down a good “Rufio” chant…

This movie is a feel good, family classic that I’m sure you can watch on Freeform right now….

giphy (7)

giphy (8)
Shameless self promotion is an awfully big adventure too…

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