Edge of Seventeen (2016)

Not only is this not an action movie, it’s a coming of age story about a teenage girl, so I can definitely relate…


Edge of Seventeen, starring Hailee Steinfeld, is a modern perspective of the classic, teenage dramedy.

Yeah, I’d probably just drop out of school…

Following Steinfeld’s character, Nadine Franklin, as she struggles with the pitfalls of high school, while facing her own battle at home.

giphy (3)
Including when the slurpee gets to the bad part and it’s mostly ice and you can’t really drink it…you know what I mean…

The film’s plot is nothing to marvel over, and I’m not even going to list the movies with the exact same story structure, but you’ve definitely seen one…

giphy (5)
giphy (7)

giphy (6)
Oddly enough, Steinfeld was in this movie’s sequel

What really sets this movie apart are the performances.

Truly Oscar worthy…

And while I was aware of the established actor in the film, like Woody Harrelson.

giphy (1)

Though I admit I forgot she was in it, I did really enjoy Steinfeld’s performance in True Grit (2010), so her amazing job in this movie shouldn’t have been a surprise.

giphy (4)
Six years makes a huge difference…that sounds creepy…

The standout performance in this film for me was Haley Lu Richardson. Relative newcomer, Edge of Seventeen was one of her first major roles, including starring in M. Night Shyamalan’s surprise hit Split (2017).

But I don’t think she was the reason people liked that film…

Richardson plays Franklin’s friend, Krista; who is the main catalyst to the films central conflict.

giphy (2)
Bet you can’t guess what she does…

Don’t get me wrong, this is Citizen Kane…because that movie is boring, moving art and has not stood the test of time…yeah…I said it…


But it’s not likely this film will be a classic…but it is a great showcase for future talent and overall an enjoyable movie.


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