Blue Mountain State (2010-2011)

How was this show only on for a year…

giphy (11)
Oh…that might explain why…

I am really surprised Blue Mountain State was only on for a year because so many people I know have seen it…but that could be because of my demographics…

giphy (13)
I meant football players…oh and white, males in their early 20’s…that too…

But don’t get me wrong, this show isn’t just meant for those who are unfortunate enough to fall into my group…

giphy (2)
You’re gonna be used a lot today Thad…

Blue Mountain State is meant for anyone with an inappropriate sense of humor…

source (3)
Yeah, that guy in the green shirt? He wrote the show…

Likes watching people have a good time…


source (1)
I meant watching people party…not the other one…

And is ok with the occasional, recreational use of drugs.

giphy (1)
Oh, my bad.

The show follows the football team of Blue Mountain State, a parody of powerhouse, college football programs,

giphy (14)
I actually heard this is how Cam Newton showed up to his first practice at Auburn…

With players who would have zero chance of actually playing college football.

giphy (6)
Case and point.

And while I enjoy the entire cast of this show, Thad Castle, played by Alan Ritchson, is by far the best.

giphy (7)

giphy (5)

giphy (8)

giphy (10)

If you aren’t into raunchy humor,

giphy (9)
I don’t know why it’s in black and white, but it makes it feel more important.

Over-sexualized portrayal of women,

giphy (12)

Or the occasional use of narcotics,

giphy (15).gif
What he said.

Then maybe this show isn’t for you.

giphy (4)
Seriously. Get a sense of humor immediately or don’t come back.



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