King Kong(2005)

With Kong: Skull Island coming out this weekend, I may as well talk about the previous reboot of this classic 1933 film, King Kong (2005).

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giphy (1).gif

It sorta goes without saying, but I’m a huge fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy…

giphy (12)
But I really don’t want it to be over…and don’t you dare bring up The Hobbit as a worthy replacement…

So when it was announced that Jackson would be remaking this classic story, I was excited to say the least…


And with talent attach to the project that have actually really fallen out of the spotlight since the early 2000’s…Jack Black, Adrien Brody, and Naomi Watts…

giphy (6)
giphy (2)
One of her recent credits is voicing herself on BoJack Horsemen…and that speaks volumes…
giphy (7)
Ah shit, I forgot Brody was one of Anderson’s actors now…he’s fine.

I was prepared for this film to be a big hit.

giphy (4)
Pretty hard to screw this up…

Even the trailer promised this to be an action packed adventure filled with giant creatures, gun fights, and Kong fighting CGI dinosaurs that rival those of Jurassic World.

giphy (14)
But did King Kong have Jimmy Buffett running away with two margaritas? No, cause that would be weird in the 1930’s…

But when the film was finally released, it turned out to be less of a blockbuster adventure and more of a weirdly touching tribute to the relationship between King Kong and the actress he falls in love with, in this case, Naomi Watts.

giphy (5)
I signed up for giant monster fights, the fuck is this shit?

Back in 2005, I wasn’t aware of who Andy Serkis was and what exactly he had accomplished.

giphy (3)
And no, I’m not referring to this scene…

For those of you who are unaware; this is a brief explanation of motion capture technology, Andy Serkis and what he has done to revolutionize this technology.

Ignore Jar Jar…

When I learned of Serkis’s role in the LotR trilogy, I was blown away…

giphy (15)
Blown away…not horrified…

So when I learned he was responsible for the motion caption work for Kong in the film, I realized how this film was able to express the ape’s humanity.

source (1)
Uh…that’s how…

Serkis is undoubtedly the best part of this film, with the rest of the film seeming shallow, with performances underwhelming compared to a CGI grunting monkey…

But he does on Jack Black, Naomi Watts, and Adrien Brody…

And while this film is one of the limited films in Jackson’s filmography…

This guy has a seriously confusing movie career….

I would put it above The Hobbit trilogy, below the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and miles above The Lovely Bones. 

giphy (13)
Once again, one of the few redeeming parts of this trilogy was his performance…

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