Entertainment Exploring: Dave Chapelle

If you don’t know who this comedy legend is, you should just get out now…

Unless you’re into that stuff…then I won’t pee on you?

Appearing in film, multiple stand-up specials, and his own television series; Dave Chappelle is more than deserving of an Entertainment Exploring posts.

Probably deserved it before Bo Burnham…oh well…

So I was having a hard time deciding where to start when discussing Chappelle’s career, so I have made the lazy decision to start it chronologically and then go wherever I want.


Chappell began his carer as a stand up comedian in the early 90’s in New York City.

Not actually from his stand-up, this is The Nutty Professor (1996)…but it’s too good not to post.

One story from early in Chappelle’s career is one of his first shows at the famous Apollo Theater when he was booed off stage.


Despite this set back, Chappelle was discovered by director Mel Brooks, and at 19 was cast in Robin Hood: Men in Tights as Ahchoo.


This role would launch his career, not only as an actor…

Half Baked (1998)…I don’t know if I’d call this acting…
Of course You’ve Got Mail (1998)…wait, what the fuck?

But also as a stand-up comedian, later resulting in a comedy special on HBO, Killing Them Softly (2000).


Chappelle followed this special in 2004 with For What It’s Worth, airing on Showtime rather than HBO.

I ask myself, “Where is Ja?!?” on a daily basis…
I always want a purple drink over Sunny D.

And while Chappelle film and stand-up career were incredible successful, his most recognized work is the television series he created and starred in The Chappelle Show, (2003-2005) airing on Comedy Central.

During the show’s two and a half season run (I’ll explain later), Chappelle created characters that would go on to define his career.




And while the success and popularity of the show made Chappelle a household name, this success wasn’t without its faults.


This scene is surprisingly, historically accurate.

An example of this was during a show in Sacramento, CA in 2004, when Chappelle had to walk off the stage due to the audience members repeating the catch phrase of his parody character, Rick James.

If you didn’t know this was what I was talking about, get out.

Chappelle abruptly left the show in the middle of season three in 2005.

Or Africa, or Ohio, it was really unclear where he went…

Chappelle later went on to explain the reasons for his departure and his issues with Hollywood and people of color. And he said it on Oprah, so you know Hollywood was listening.

Oprah never forgets.

Chappelled remained out of the spotlight until relatively recently, with a well received stint hosting Saturday Night Live,

As well as a two-part stand-up special on Netflix on March 21st…

Get excited.





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