Stranger Things (2016-)

Another show I’m not quite sure why I’m reviewing, since most of the world was fucking obsessed with it when it came out…

If the Emmy’s featured it, I’m probably too late…
Kudos to this woman, I would’ve given up trying to get that shit to stay on my back.
Yes, that’s Stephen Colbert.
giphy (25).gif
Source: Book of Adam 
giphy (20).gif

Yeah, that image isn’t enough, I’m posting the entire video…

Back to the show…


Set in small town Hawkins, IN in the 1980’s, Stranger Things imitates many of the popular films of that era, following a group of friends as they are thrown into the world of the absurd and supernatural.

Not that absurd…
Featuring multiple young actors, Stranger Things showcases the talent of this new generation.

I’m gonna say it not over for you kid…
The series begins with a mysterious disappearance of one of the boys, Will, as well as the sudden appearance of a girl with unexplainable powers…

Apparently one of them is the ability to eat frozen Eggo waffles…
Eleven, played by Hollywood’s new obsession Milli Bobby Brown, is the classic “fish out of water” trope seen in many films during the 80’s; E.T., Splash, and of course, The Goonies.

Yes, Sloth definitely counts.
Eleven’s mysterious past only becomes more muddled with the appearance of a disgusting monster that is dragging innocent, friendless gingers into pools…

I don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with her, but if I didn’t put her in here I’d get hate mail…
As the boys attempt to figure out what happened to their friend and what Eleven and her powers have to do with it; Will’s mother Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, struggles  with her own sanity as she hears her sons voice from nowhere.

I hope this role doesn’t have any long term effects…
Ah shit.
But, in her defense, I’d probably be crazy too if I saw some shit like this…

Another show I recommend you watch during the day.
And if you are among the few who haven’t already seen this show, don’t fret, the entire first season is on Netflix.

I know, I can’t believe people haven’t seen this show either…
And for the rest of us, we can look forward to Season 2 on Halloween of 2017. Fuck yes, another reason to avoid trick-or-treaters…

Ghostbusters? Giant monsters? Eggo Waffles?? I’m in.

Break out the pudding.
Bonus round; who can figure out what this is saying?



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