Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

So for one second, can I ask you to put aside any preconceptions you may have of this man.

I know this gif makes it even more difficult to take him seriously, but just try.

While I am aware of some of Gibson’s past…uh let’s call them mishaps…it does not affect my opinion on him as an actor nor does it affect his past roles.

If this scene doesn’t at least make you tear up a bit, you probably don’t have a soul…
I’m still in utter disbelief that this is a show on Fox now…
And of course, the reason we’re here, The Road Warrior.

But many years have passed since Gibson has worn the leather jacket, and for other reasons, he had to be excused from the role…

It’s antisemitism, totally different…and not what I meant…

So for George Miller’s fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise, he decided to recast Max as this up-incoming badass.

I know the focus of this picture is him, but holy shit those eyes on the bottom right are haunting…

Now, I don’t know what it is about the lower half of Tom Hardy’s face, but for some reason directors love to cover that shit up.


He doesn’t always seem to mind…

Alright, alright. I’ll show Bane some more respect than that…

Ah, before he became Marion Cotillard’s side chick, much better

With Miller directing, Mad Max: Fury Road retains the same setting as the original films, only now it has the added benefit of the advent of computer generated special effects…


I bet you can’t guess which gif is from this decade…

Honestly, this movie’s use of CGI is one of my favorite examples of how CGI isn’t always detrimental to the quality of a film. (No, it’s not. I got this opinion from this video…)

Back to the movie…

Oh my god, slow down…

The movie follows the titular Max as he navigates his way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of southern Australia…

No wonder all the animals there are deadly, I’d be deadly too if I lived there.

On this journey, Max is captured by a group called the War Boys and their leader, Immortan Joe.

Maybe George Miller just likes covering people’s jaws…

Max is then brought out to capture a rogue Imperator, Furiosa, played by the lovely and talented Charlize Theron.

Just let her beauty soak in…

If you weren’t aware, that is Theron in 2003’s Monster…she crushes the role, not just with the complete physical transformation, but also her performance is sensational.

But that isn’t the movie we are talking about, is it?

In all honesty, the movie is a glorified chase scene with a predictable ending worthy of Whacky Races

I…I don’t know how that got in here…

The real appeal of the film comes from the visual spectacle of it…



Where else will you see a man riding on top of a car playing a guitar flamethrower? I hope no where else…

And if you ever find someone with a nice, 4K TV with surround sound, throw this fucker on and strap in.

Yeah, George Miller definitely has a weird, covering the mouth, fetish…

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