Logan (2017) [Spoiler Free]

Let me start this off by saying Logan is a very different superhero movie.

giphy (11).gif
None of this campy bullshit. (I’m sorry MCU, I have to for this post…)

The second rated-R superhero film released by 20th Century Fox, Logan utilizes this rating in a very different way than it’s predecessor Deadpool. 

There are children in this movie Ryan. Keep it to decapitation and bloodshed only.

I will say, while I enjoyed the Deadpool teaser before the film, it may have started the audience off on the wrong foot for a film like Logan.

From the beginning of Logan, it is very clear that this isn’t the same X-Men universe we’ve seen before…

And thank god…

And it’s at this point I really have to stop talking about the plot so I don’t ruin anything…

Thanks Flipper, here’s a sardine.

So let me talk about the performances in this film, because that’s pretty much all I can talk about without spoiling anything.

Trust me, I won’t spoil anything.

As the last time both Stewart and Jackman will appear in their respective roles, (that’s confirmed, it’s not a spoiler…) I will focus on them first.


As someone who has grown up with the X-Men franchise, I have grown accustomed to seeing them in these roles.

I said accustomed to, that doesn’t mean I’m always happy with the outcome…
GOD DAMMIT HUGH! Stop doing this.

So to see these two award winning actors given the range of an R-rating was everything I had hoped for in an X-Men film.

Cheers to you too, you talented son of a bitch.

Jackman and Stewart’s pain is felt throughout the film, with age taking a toll on both of their mutant abilities. (Alright, that was a spoiler…sorry)

Oh come on, it’s taken from a comic book called Old Man Logan, it’s sorta implied…

And with McAvoy naturally replacing Stewart as Professor X,

Yeah, we all know you still here…

The mantle of Wolverine will be assumed by talented newcomer, Dafne Keen, who’s character will remain nameless….

I wonder if they are connected in anyway…

With limited dialogue throughout the film, Keen relies on an incredible physical performance that mimics Jackman’s Wolverine as well as the new style of fighting, more consistent with the fast-past action seen in films today.

giphy (5).gif

Has the intimidation pose down pat.
But I don’t remember Hugh Jackman doing any sick flips…snarled a lot, but no flips…

Now I have seen some reviews for this film comparing it to The Dark Knight….and I may have to agree with them.

Don’t tell me what to think, you don’t even belong in this post.

Logan is an incredible example of the potential of the superhero genre and has restored my faith in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise.

But they still have a long way to go here…

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