Legion (2017-)

What are you doing on Wednesday nights? Watching Legion?

Yeah, very few people I know still watch live television…

Or you have zero idea what I’m talking about and have no idea what Legion is; and that’s okay, the show is only four episodes into the first season.

But you should definitely start it as soon as possible.

Legion follows David Haller, a young man misdiagnosed with schizophrenia due to his mutant powers.

Oh, I should probably mention this show is in the X-Men universe, so he’s a mutant.

David is played by rising star Dan Stevens, who is set to star as The Beast in Disney’s live-action remake of The Beauty and the Beast (2017) with Emma Watson, Sir Ian McKellen, and Ewan McGregor.

I have noticed I tend to go off topic a lot, I apologize.

The first four episodes of this series have focused on David attempting to control his powers as well as controlling his own personal demons.

I used control twice in that sentence on purpose, I know other words…

With the help of a group of mutants who are fighting the war of their own,

They seem nice and peaceful…
That escalated quickly.

David will struggle to discern reality and the projections of his mind.

With some of those fantasies being fun,
And some are the reason I tell people to watch this show during the day…

The show is a mix of genres; including science fiction, action, mystery, horror, and romance.

Ah, romance.

At the point of writing this blog, David’s mental state is still highly questionable…

You know DAMN WELL he’s not Aubrey…

But I recommend you do yourself a favor and start watching this show. 10pm EST.

Treat yo’ self.

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