Flashback Friday: Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard?!? Fucking DIE HARD!!!


Like the rest of the world very much should be, I am a big Die Hard fan.

I don’t know the record for fastest drive from Chicago to Austin, but I’m about to find out…

giphy (23).gif


Yes, Bob’s Burgers did a Die Hard musical episode…not enough people appreciate this show’s genius.

Though I’m sure all of you know the plot to this film by now; and if you don’t, heres a song explaining it.

You are all welcome for your new favorite song.

Don’t you roll your eyes at me Elaine, there’s no room for cynicism when there’s Die Hard.

For this post, we will only be focusing on the first verse of that song, although I do recommend you stick around for the inspiring chorus…

“Just start talking about the fucking movie, pal.”

It’s usually around here in my posts that I give some reasons why I enjoy the film, as well as some reasons on why you may not enjoy it.

And anyone requesting that portion of the post probably looks and acts a lot like this asshole.

But here’s a fun fact I bet you didn’t know…


Die Hard has no flaws and is the closest to perfect a movie has ever been.


The movie has a perfect plot structure, with each of the four acts ending with an inciting incident propelling the story forward in a natural progression.


The movie shaped the modern action genre with the character John McClane, a break from the muscle-bound protagonist of films at the time like PredatorCommando, and Rambo: First Blood Part II.

giphy (26).gif
I sure do, some-how-not-racist RDJ!

John McClane is a normal guy, all be it a NYC cop with years of experience on the force and combat training…, who is in the wrong situation at the right time.


One of McClane’s defining features is his sense of humor and “couldn’t care less” attitude, highlighted by an incredible performance by comedian at the time, Bruce Willis.


But what’s a good hero without a great villain.

And man, is Hans Gruber an amazing villain.

Ah fuck, this part of the post. Oh man, huge momentum shift. Alan Rickman you were an incredible actor, and while this post is about Die Hard, you will always be Professor Snape to me. Always. (I regret nothing.)

I’m not crying, you’re crying…shut up!!

Shit. Need to get back on track here…


I knew I saved this for a good reason…

Smooth save Mac, let’s keep the ball rolling with some other great scenes from this film.


Alright, everything’s going well…


Maybe heading in the wrong direction here Mac…


Pull up, Mac. You’re in a nose dive…


And Argyle coming in with the smooth save…

Oh god damnit.

I will be fair, the Die Hard franchise really fell off after the first one and I do not extend my 100% guarantee to those films.











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