Samurai Jack (2001-2004, 2017)

Let me just start this post off by addressing those who think they are too “mature” for cartoons, or that cartoons don’t have any “intellectual value,” there is nothing here for you. I recommend you pack up your things and go.

giphy (22).gif
Nothing for you to see here.

Are they gone? Good. Let’s start talking about this amazing show.

Good luck getting that theme out of your head…and these posts are usually in the morning so it’ll be there all day…

Side note: Aku is going to make for some great reaction gifs…

First airing on Cartoon Network in 2001, back when in its golden years if you were born in the 90’s…

I’ve heard nostalgia is a great way to reach Millennials….

Samurai Jack follows the story of a lone warrior, Jack, as he was thrown into the future by the Master of Darkness, Aku.

Oh man, I truly forgot how good some of the art is in this show

In this future, Aku has taken control of the world and only Jack has the weapon and the power to defeat him and get back to the past. (I bet you just got the theme stuck back in your head…)

Whoever animated Aku, kudos.

This show has some similar animation styles to one the series on Cartoon Network at the time, Powerpuff Girls, spawning a popular fan theory that the two shows exist in a shared universe.

Alright fine, back to the topic at hand.

While Samurai Jack was a cartoon, the show’s animation style and themes were targeted towards a more mature audience; featuring scenes depicting violence, intense action, and grotesque creatures…



He’s just the gift that keeps on giving…

And while the complex narrative and captivating action alone make this show enjoyable, it is the beautiful animation style that elevates the show above many others of its genre.





But don’t get me wrong, this is still a cartoon show meant for children and can have some less serious moments…


Some moments stranger than others…

Well, it was for children…until the show ended its run on Cartoon Network in 2004.


That was until December of 2015, when creator Genndy Tartakovsky tweeted that Samurai Jack would return for a fifth season on Cartoon Network’s more adult focused program block, Adult Swim.


I would ignore that whole “2016” thing…cause it doesn’t start until March 11th of 2017. But hey! That’s next week! Here’s a clip to get your body ready.

Since running on Adult Swim, Samurai Jack Season 5 will have a more dark, grittier feel. (like everything in Hollywood except Marvel and look how they’re doing…)


I personally hope the show does well, and I will probably know if it sucks cause I am definitely going to watch it…


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