Entertainment Exploring: Bo Burham

We are gonna try something a bit different for this post,


With a blog title like Entertainment Explorers, you would think I would write about a little more than just movies and tv shows…


To be honest, there are so many different entertainment medians these days, it’s hard to get on top of them all.


I’m hoping that in the future I will be able to work with some other people who know a bit more about music than I do…but for now we are gonna try this weird post…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
So strap in.

Bo Burnham started on YouTube in 2006, a year after the inception of the site.

God damn, YouTube quality was horrible back then…

Moving on, Burnham’s career began to shift and change with the advent of social media and the growth of convergent media.

Yep. Still that lazy. But hey, I saved you a Google!

Continuing his success on YouTube, Burnham became one of the biggest stars on the short lived video-sharing app Vine (RIP)…



Yes, that is Winston from New Girl.

These short videos not only garnered Burnham a large following, but also propelled his career due to the viral nature of the service and its popularity at the time.

Some post were better than others…

In 2012, Burnham put out his second stand-up special what. Releasing it for free on both Netflix and YouTube, Burnham showcased his comedic and musical talents with a series of self-detrimental, satirical, and cynical songs and jokes.


  1. Yes, I’m aware four is too many examples. 2. I don’t think the videos are all from the same taping, but they are all in the stand-up, so suck it. 3. Moving on…

With the success of the special, Burnham filmed a music video for one of the featured songs, Repeat Stuff, targeted at modern pop musicians and their genre.

With this new found success, Burnham’s career took off, not only his stand-up career, but his acting career as well.


Appearing briefly on one of my favorite shows, Parks and Rec, as country singer, diva Chip McCapp. Burnham has had a series of guest appearances on popular television shows; including, Key and Peele, The Kroll Show, and his own, short lived show Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.

Maybe stick with the stand-up Bo…

Burnham’s most recent specialMake Happy, was released in 2016 on Netflix. Like his previous special, Make Happy features a series of comedic songs and skits that show Burnham’s growth as a comedian as well as a deeper understanding of himself.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s no philosopher…

In Make Happy, Burnham combines his comedic intelligence with his message of the complexity of his relationship with performing.

With a biting cynicism, Burnham addresses several issues important to him; including suicide, modern country music, race/gender, and love.

I know what y’all are thinking, “Oh wow Mac! This guy is hilarious! I want to hear more of his stand-up RIGHT NOW!!” Well, you over-enthusiastic, impatient fuck, too bad.

Me, apparently…

Burnham used the end of Make Happy to announce a break from performing. If it isn’t obvious from some of his songs, Burnham is struggling with some personal issues from the burden of performing. He ends the special with this song,

On a real, out of cynical character, note, I hope that Bo Burnham overcomes these issues and returns to comedy. I think this post makes it pretty clear I’m a fan, and think others should be as well.

Taking us out on a good note.

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