Chef (2014)

Holy shit, I did it..kinda…(that took forever…)

I’m going to start you off with two perfect examples of why you will enjoy this movie.


Now there’s one of two things you are probably going to do right now, and they both end with something gooey….

Here’s a hint, one of them was making a grilled cheese…

Chef, written, directed, and starring Jon Favreau; follows an acclaimed chef who’s reputation is tarnished by a critic and a melt down that goes viral.

Yes, we know what a lava cake is. Shit, even Dominoes knows what a lava cake is…

After being fired from his job, Carl Casper struggles to determine his future as well as attempting to mend his relationship with his son.

Through food, of course (ignore the terrible quality)

In an attempt to find his roots, Casper “takes his talents to south beach” and opens a food truck in Miami. (I’m so, so sorry…)

With the help from his old sous chef Martin, played by the versatile John Leguizamo, take the food truck across the country in an attempt to not only fix Casper’s image in the eyes of the public, but to also fix Casper and his son’s relationship.


But yes, it is a movie about a chef so there is a lot of cooking…

Honestly, if cooking well could get me a girl that looked like that, then sign me up for culinary school…

If that scene makes you as hungry as it makes me, you can try to make those sandwiches with the recipe Favreau posted on Reddit. (Finally, aimlessly browsing the internet all day pays off…)

Yes, I did use that image again. And it was in the video up there…I have no shame…

The movie has incredible star power, an amazing soundtrack, and enough food porn to give Gordon Ramsey a boner.

Zero chance in hell, Gordon…

But if you don’t like movies about cooking, father and son bonding, or  up-beat, positive movies that’s fine…you’re a monster…but that’s fine…


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