Dope (2015)

If you haven’t seen this movie, just like Master of Noneit’s on Netflix, so you really don’t have any excuse not to watch it…

I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Set in Inglewood,CA with a predominantly African American cast,


Many would think that, as a WASPy kid from a preppy town on the East Coast, I have no place discussing a movie like this.

giphy (33).gif
Swing and a miss there, m’am.

But it’s my blog and I loved this movie, so suck it you PC bitches…

giphy (34).gif
Following Malcolm Adekanbi, an African American high school student who is into, as he refers to it, “white shit.”


He and two friends, played by rising stars, Kiersey Clemons and Tony Revolori,


Struggle through the lives of being nerds in high school.

But they do have a kick ass band…

The inciting incident of the film comes with the introduction of A$AP Rocky’s character, Dom.giphy-1

Dom recruits Malcolm to help him invite a girl in the neighborhood Nakia, played by Zoë Kravitz, to his party that night.

Well done, Mr. Kravitz…

Nakia agrees on the condition that Malcolm and his friends are invited.


It is here that a classic mix up happens,


And Malcolm winds up with a shit ton of Molly and a hand gun.

A believe “a shit ton” is the scientific term for that amount.

The rest of the film centers around what Malcolm does with the drugs and how it will effect his plans for college.

She may be hot in this scene, but she pees in a bush later…

The film makes an important social message through the contrast of who Malcolm is and how society sees him.


The film is thought provoking without being too over-the-top preachy,

And all the while being genuinely a funny movie with an incredible soundtrack.

I highly recommend you get on Netflix right now and give it a watch.



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