Sing Street (2016)

Not an action movie!?! What the fuck??

Popular Movies That Suck: The Dark Knight Rises

Pipe down everyone, this movie is amazing and easily one of my favorite movies from the past year.

Yes. I wrote the John Wick article before this and still had this gif on hand…sue me.

Sing Street is an musical-comedy-drama. I know that sounds made up, but it’s the same genre as La La Land and everyone won’t shut the fuck up about that movie so I’m sticking with it…(John Wick clearly got me a little too amped…let me relax with this not at all related song…)

What? That song is from this movie? Huh…I had no idea…

Spoiler warning: I did have an idea…

So, if you’re like me, you have listened to that song twice by now…it’s really catchy…

And “happy sad”…watch the movie…

Without giving too much away, the film is centered around Connor Lawlor, an Irish schoolboy in 1985 who falls for a model and decides to start a band to impress her…cause apparently that’s what Irish girls are into…

And apparently they aren’t into rabbit stuff…I’m learning so much today!

To be honest, the movie follows the cheesy, rom-com plot of boy likes girl, girl isn’t available, guy does something to impress girl, guy and girl fall in love…nothing super special…

Don’t you look at me like that Cosmo…

The real greatness in the movie comes from it’s incredible and ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK. (La La Land wasn’t the only movie that had songs in it this year Oscars…) But don’t let me determine your music tastes, listen for yourselves.

I apologize that more of these aren’t the scenes from the movie, but that just means you have to watch it. It’s free on Netflix…you have no excuse…


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