Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Honestly, if you haven’t seen this show or finished this show (JOHN…), then stop reading this and go do so immediately. I’ll wait…

I’m aware none of you did what I said, but that’s because you’re a shitty person…

In my opinion, this is the best show that has been on television in the 2000’s.

[mic drop]
Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Game of Thrones and House of CardsAnd if you can’t tell from my other posts, I love me some 2000’s comedy series. But ALL in ALL, Breaking Bad is the BEST show. Not only because of some incredible acting, but the narrative closure it provided with its short run time. Fuck, four lines of texts, quick A GIF!

Thanks Bryan Cranston! I knew this gif would be useful…

Like many of you, I knew this man as the goofy, loving dad Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. He was carefree and funny and couldn’t hurt a fly.

OK, maybe not 100% carefree…
Much better.

So when I first heard he was going to play chemistry teacher turned dangerous meth cook, I thought there was no way he had the acting chops to pull it off.

So much scarier than anything Liam Neeson has ever said.

Holy shit was I wrong. He kills it, literally and figuratively. I honestly had a hard time remembering his name from Malcolm in the Middle because I can only see him as Walter White or Heisenberg.


But this isn’t the Bryan Cranston show. While his acting does help this show earn its critical acclaim, the rest of the cast helps make this story compelling and goddamn enjoyable.


Oh Jesse Pinkman. Poor, poor Jesse. God was your life fucking horrible.

I’ve heard deep bass is great for mental disorders.

But on the bright side, it got Aaron Paul into the spotlight and out of whatever this is…

Honestly, I don’t know where they found this guy or why they thought he could carry this emotionally depressing role…But damn, did he crush it.



Unlike other shows, I can’t really separate the cast by “good guys” and “bad guys” because everyone is the fucking worst in this show.

Except for you Walter Jr., you just go back to eating your breakfast.

Speaking of his family….

Don’t you walk away from me you sassy bitch.

Skyler is Walter’s wife and is pretty much fed up with his shit. She tries to play hardball for a while, but fucks everything up and almost gets Walt killed…

Do you ever hear someone talk and immediately wouldn’t mind them getting hit by an eighteen wheeler??

Speaking of almost getting Walt killed…


While not in the entirety of the show…


Gus Fring is the main antagonist throughout the series, driving Walt and Jesse deeper into the crime world with some help from his friends.

I almost posted this scene…but then you wouldn’t watch the show again…

Gus’s associates include his grizzled hitman, Mike, and sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman, both featured in the current AMC series Better Call Saul. (I haven’t seen past season 1 so I can’t review that show…)

Bob Odenkirk is a national treasure.

Honestly, I usually review shows to convince people to watch them, but if you are still reading this and haven’t watch the show like I told you to then…

I was gonna say get the fuck out, but that works…


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