Arrested Development (2003-)

Another show I’m baffled I haven’t talked about yet…

Don’t you judge me Lucille.

Shuffled around television and online since 2003, Arrested Development is the story of the Bluth family…wait…why the fuck am I telling you this. I’ll let Ron Howard!


In my opinion, Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows to ever grace television. It was a godsend when Netflix picked it up for a fourth and possibly fifth (jury’s still sorta out on this one…) season.

Now do a fifth season cause season four was meh….

Like most of my favorite shows, Arrested Development has an ensemble cast that makes up the members of the Bluth family. And while it would be fun to go through every character and give you a write up, I would be doing the show an injustice cause I’m not nearly that funny…

[heavy sobbing]

So instead, I’m just gonna fill up the rest of this article with gifs and captions…what most of y’all are here for anyway.

Apparently “dozens” are enough to get you picked up by Netflix


If someone could teach me how to make these images the same size, that’d be greaaaat.


I ask myself the same question every morning.



“Has anyone in this family ever actually seen a chicken?”



There are plenty of more gifs for this incredible show, but I’m not gonna post them, you’re just gonna have to watch the show to see them…or look them up yourself…wait…



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