Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)


Wait a fucking second…I haven’t done a post on Parks and Rec??


This is probably my favorite show of all time. I will will fight anyone who says The Office, is a better show. THE OFFICE WISHES IT WAS HALF THE SHOW THIS IS!!

I’ll simmer down now…

The reason I love this show is simple; the cast. More specifically, the ensemble cast. And for those of you who don’t know, this is the definition of ensemble cast.

Yeah…I’m that lazy…

So without further ado, I bring you the cast of Parks and Recreation.

Leslie Knope


The head of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, Leslie Knope is the main character that drives the plot. Played by the comedically talented Amy Poehler, Leslie is a tirelessly optimistic civil servant who will do anything to help her city and her friends.

A woman of grace and dignity.
Not afraid to speak her mind…
And fuck up some punk-ass book jockeys.

Ron Swanson

This video says more about Ronald Ulysses Swanson than I ever could…but I’ll give it a shot. Played by relative newcomer at the time Nick Offerman, Ron Swanson is Leslie Knope’s anti-government, pro-business, Americana enthusiast boss. While outwardly cold and reclusive, Ron is a giggly child deep down.

Apparently just deep enough for Snake Juice to reach…
This is just a prove fact…
We should all strive to be more like Ron.


Ann Perkins


The catalyst to the series, Ann Perkins request that Leslie fill in the pit behind her house that her boyfriend had fallen into. This would be the beginning of one of the greatest friendships in television history.


Played by Rashida Jones, Ann Perkins down to earth attitude is a great foil for Leslie’s bubbly enthusiasm. But don’t let this exotic land mermaid fool you, she is fucking hilarious.



I couldn’t think of any captions, they are just funny gifs…

Andy Dwyer


Speaking of Ann’s boyfriend…meet Andy Dwyer. Played by Chris Pratt, who is fucking EVERYWHERE now…

I miss Fat Pratt…

Moving on…Andy was originally meant to be written off after the first season with intention on making him an unlikeable boyfriend for Ann.

It’s ok Chris, you get to train dinosaurs

But Pratt’s lovable goof performance made him an audience favorite, making him a staple character to the show as well as launching Pratt’s blockbuster career.

So where the hell is this Hollywood!?!

April Ludgate

As with Ron’s video, this says more about her character than I ever could…

With Andy’s new characterization came a new love interest. Enter Parks and Rec department intern turned assistant April Ludgate. Played by Aubrey Plaza, April is the foil to Andy’s “golden retriever” personality, seeming to hate almost everyone, with the exception of her friends…sometimes…

And everyone should be thankful everyday…





Tom Haverford


Played by Aziz Ansari, Tom Haverford is Leslie’s assistant turned business entrepreneur. He is eccentric and lavish, fueling his desire to become a world renowned businessmen.

My thoughts on season two of Master of None Mr. Ansari….


I would love to know Ja Rule’s stance on this issue…WHERE IS JA??



Mark Brendanawicz

An idiot who quit an amazing show.

More like Mark Brenadanaquits amirite?!?…I’ll see myself out…


Ben Wyatt


After he-who-will-not-be-missed left the show, there was a vacancy for a love interest for Leslie. With an under utilized Louie C.K. salmoning as an awkward cop,

giphy (41).gif

The show brought in state auditor Ben Wyatt. Wyatt, played by Adam Scott, is a neurotic nerd who is uncomfortable in a small town like Pawnee after the Ice Town incident…we aren’t gonna talk about it…


Yet with Leslie’s help, Ben eventually becomes a main character of the show.

You’re welcome Batman…sorry about my Dark Knight Rises post…


That’s because you need to rewatch season two of Twin Peaks

Chris Traeger


Literally, the most positive person on earth.

Don’t read that in his voice…I dare you.

Played by Rob Lowe, Chris Traeger is fellow state auditor with Ben Wyatt. Like Ben, Chris is eventually brought into the cast of main characters, bringing even more positivity to a show already brimming with it.



Even that sounded positive…ly creepy

Donna Meagles


Often an accomplice to Tom’s lavish lifestyle, Donna Meagles, played by Retta (seriously, that’s her credited name in the show…), is a confident, all be it eccentric, Parks and Rec employee. While often portrayed as standoffish and solitary, Donna will do anything for her friends…even allow them to ride in her Mercedes.




Jerry/Garry/Larry/Terry Gergich

Dammit Jerry, you ruined my post…


Well everyone, that’s it for now. I could go and do all the amazing side characters; like Jean Ralphio, or Mona Lisa, or Jeremy Jamm…but I’m lazy and this took a while so suck it.




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