Seasons: 2

Starring: Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D’Onoforio, Élodie Yung, and Jon Bernthal

For those of you who know me personally or have read any other posts on this blog are well aware that I am a massive nerd, especially when it comes to comic book movies.

And while I am a big fan of Batman, those who know me know that I’m a little too obsessed with The Dark Knight like almost to a creepy extent…

I am primarily a fan of all things Marvel.
Alright, maybe not ALL things Marvel…

To specify, I am a fan of Marvel Studios under the Disney banner, often referred to as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which I’m gonna call MCU from here on out cause I’m lazy…) And instead of going into all of the history of the MCU (which I actually may do later…) I’m gonna talk about their first series on Netflix, Daredevil.

Not this one…it’s ok Batfleck you did your best

For those of you unfamiliar with the character and the show, I’ll give you a brief rundown from Wikipedia on the two seasons that have been released.
The first season sees lawyer-by-day Matt Murdock (Cox) use his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy to fight crime at night on the streets of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood as Daredevil, while uncovering a conspiracy of the criminal underworld being lead by Wilson Fisk (D’Onoforio). In the second season, Murdock continues to balance life as a lawyer and Daredevil, while crossing paths with Frank Castle / Punisher (Bernthal), a vigilante with far deadlier methods as well as the return of his old girlfriend—Elektra Natchios (Yung).

Alright since, I’ve probably already lost half of you after that, let me get into a little more detail on why this show has become such a massive hit. 

I was originally worried that the video being in another language would be an issue…and then I realized that the language was Russian and it was part of the show…I’m not a bright kid…
So if you can’t tell, the show has some incredible fight scenes thanks to fight coordinator Philip Silvera (he’s done some amazing shit, here’s his IMDb page cause I don’t feel like listing all of them) that are shot in a way that breaks the usual shaky cam/Michael Bay approach that usually end up disorienting the viewer to think there’s more action then there actual is.
It’s not hard Michael, just stop using so many cameras

And yet while these fight scenes are usually the center piece of the series, with a similar, one-take fight scene occurring in season 2 in a stairwell, it is the acting that makes this series stand out from the rest of the MCU.

Utilizing the Netflix platform, Daredevil is targeted towards a more mature audience, relying less on giant whale aliens and more on in-depth perspectives of the human condition.

And while Cox does an extraordinary job as the titular character, bringing gravitas to a role that has been butchered in the past…

Kinda feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but it deserves is

However, the superior acting in the show usually comes from the supporting characters, with D’Onoforio in the first season as Wilson Fisk and Bernthal in the second as Frank Castle/The Punisher. Each driven to the extreme by the environment that is Hell’s Kitchen.

In the case of Fisk, we are shown a man that believes he is doing something right for the city he grew up in. He has seen Hell’s Kitchen become a cess pool of crime and corruption and is attempting cure this by using this corruption for what he thinks is right.
God I found the perfect GIF

However, time and time again it is shown that underneath this altruistic exterior is an angry man who will only accept the world if it fits his vision.

They don’t show it, but he slams that dude’s head in the door until it pops off…

It is not until the end of the season that he embraces who he is with one of the most horrifyingly badass speeches I have ever seen on film…

Speaking of horrifyingly badass…
“You rang?”

Now while I have some grievances with the second season of this show…mostly Matt being a whiny lil’ bitch…

Alright not all the time…

Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle was one of the most badass/interesting characters I have seen on television. And while it could be just because of this scene alone…

It is really because of what he represents. He was a normal man who wanted to live a normal life with his family and had that brutally taken away from him. He didn’t has aspirations for a better city like Fisk, he didn’t even want to show that there was good left in the city like Matt, he just wanted to be happy and be left alone. His character shows what will happen to the human psyche if everything you ever wanted is taken away from you. And if you have access to heavy firepower and have extensive military training…
I never said he was a good guy…

And I know that all this flowery film/psych language won’t convince some of you to watch this show, I know that some of you just don’t like superhero movies…but if that’s the case then why the fuck did you read this far??


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