Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow
Directed by; Doug Liman
Starring; Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt

Just like Coldplay, I will get this out of the way now. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, I know. But put that aside when about to watch this movie. I am having a very hard time convincing people that this movie is actually pretty good, and in fact one of my favorite films of the summer. It combines humor and action in a refreshing way that hasn’t been used in movies in a very long time. The cliche of the hero dying at the end of the story is rehashed and served as comedic relief and a catalyst to allow for a romance between the two titles characters. Blunt plays a seasoned warrior who is fighting off an alien invasion in Europe. Cruise plays a talking head used to promote the war, but is never meant to actually serve. When Cruise is forced to enlist, he suffers an alien attack that kills him, only to wake up and find himself the same place he was hours before. I know it’s confusing, time travel usually is, but this movie has enough high tech action and a false sense of suspense. It’s pretty easy to find online, so forget that Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet and enjoy a pretty decent sci-fi war film.


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