Ok hear me out on this one cause most people think this is just another bad remake, but I can tell you from experience, it’s at least an “ok” remake.

I don’t think this poster is helping my argument…


Directed by; Pete Travis
Starring; Karl Urban (he wears a mask the entire time)
The movie loosely follows the original plot, a dystopian future governed by a force called Judges, acting a judge, jury and executioner for the ruthless criminals in this new world. The protagonist of the film , Dredd, is known for being one of the most ruthless Judges on the force, and is sent to eradicate the emerging drug Slo-Mo. The movie isn’t anything special plot wise, but visually the movie is stunning. But it is what it is, a dick flick. Guys, grab a beer (or three) sit down with some friends and get ready to watch the best movie about one guy taking out a tower of killers since Die Hard. 

Oh, and it’s on Netflix. So win win.

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